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Back in March I was hired by China Wokery to take pictures of some dishes for a new website they’re building. Christian Lim, Zack Tatar, and I were the only ones working on the pictures the first time around.

Well, China Wokery came back for seconds this month and this time, I got to work with some fresh faces from Valhalla High School’s Mac LabChristopher Canel, Kyle Wheaton, Fadi George, Philip Behnam, Dean Powell, and then of course Christian and Zack all contributed to this project.

The workflow this time was similar to what we did before with the exception of a few minor changes. I split the work into two steps

– Digital Manipulation (removing dust, crumbs, reflections on the plates, etc)

– Color Work (taking the uncompressed .PSDs into Camera Raw and making all the colors deep and consistent)

Last time, we did the Color Work first: this turned to be an extra hassle because if I didn’t get the color right before I compressed to jpeg and began the Manipulation, then I had to try and fix it in Photoshop without all the RAW data – JPEGs are infinitely less flexible than .CR2’s especially when it comes to color work. So this time I made sure that we did things in reverse – Manipulation THEN Color.

With that in mind things basically went like this: Christian, Dean, and I took the pictures with a Canon 5D Mark II, then Christian divided the pictures between Christopher, Kyle, Fadi, Philip, & Zack for Manipulation. Afterwords Christian checks the work, sends it to me, I double check it then I do all the Color. Since Christian had the experience of our last China Wokery project I let him take the reigns for a lot of the post work and communication between students and that turned out to be a wise decision apparently haha.

Because we had all the extra man-power this time, we finished in less than four days – keep in mind this is on a Mother’s Day weekend.

Great job guys, the client loves the pictures.


Image 1

Image 2

Image 3



  1. Can’t forget cleaning up the table and plate as much as possible before taking the pictures.

    That + 6 people cleaning up pictures speeds things up so much.

  2. Great job on the color. I’m glad they turned out so good. Just like the last ones, they look good enough to eat.

  3. I’m boycotting this site until management disables the ultra-annoying, completely useless, waste of everyone’s time, you’re in the fishing way of my cursor and I can’t click the fishing link, mShots snap shots™ pop ups from the Ninth Circle of Hell!

    And when you save humongous JPGs, use the Baseline Optimized option. Try it and see what happens when one waits for the download.

    And clean your room!

  4. Much better!!!!

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