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Christian Lim, from Valhalla’s Mac Lab, and I have finally finished putting a DVD together for the Hillsdale Middle School Music Dept. I mentioned this project briefly in one or two of my other posts but essentially Danny Owens and Christian filmed the event under my supervision on Sony FX-1’s and then for post, I taught Christian the basics of Final Cut 7 and let him loose on the 2 hours of footage. From there he handed it off to me – I double checked and made small revisions to the cut and brought the video into DVD Studio Pro to build and burn a DVD which will be used to raise money for the department.

This was an excruciatingly slow project mainly because Christian only has so long to work on it while he’s in class, and I’m only present during 7th period 3-4 days out of the week to help him. He did extremely well however especially considering he has no prior experience with the program and that he did 90% of the editing on his own. All I really had to do after teaching him how to use the program was to routinely check up to make sure things were going smoothly.

We ran into quite a few bumps along the way – missing tapes, importing difficulties, missing audio, dark and overexposed footage, and don’t even get me started with DVD Studio Pro (the image above should give you a good idea as to how tangled the web of menus and script can get) but we were adamant on getting this thing done because if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be able to move onto a much larger creative project we have in the works :).

Congrats Christian and Danny, one more project done and I hope the parents who choose to purchase one, enjoy the DVD.

On another note, I finished shooting footage for Digital Group Audio and their product, the Livespeakr, this Sunday as a part of something called the Senior Experience Project held by CSUSM. Long story short, business students from CSUSM are paired with distinguished local companies and work as a part of the company to gain real world experience. One of their last projects together is an ad – this is where I come in.

I’ll elaborate on this more as the project rolls along over this coming week.



  1. DVD Studio Pro looks like loads of fun!!!!!

    • It’s the only program that’s almost made me cry haha (second only to Internet Explorer).

  2. IE ALMOST made you cry? I avoid IE at all costs, as I part of me dies every time I see it.

    What about Word, PPT, and Excel?

    • Office is so terrible, I wish I never had to install it on my laptop (I cringe as I say it) but right now I can either try to save for CS5 or iWork, and frankly the former far outweighs the latter.

      It could be worse, it’s not like I’m trusting Microsoft’s software with something important haha, it’s just word processing.

  3. For me, word processing is somewhat important, so I upgraded to iWork a long time ago. Haha you’re right, CS5 comes first!

    The only thing I can trust PC’s to do is break at the most inconvenient times.

  4. break!?
    excuuuuseeee you Chris!

    my PC isn’t unreliable SIR

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