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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Last friday my cousin, Malik Zavaro, called to tell me he was looking for an editor. He had received the final copy of a music video he’d just shot on the RED One but wasn’t happy with the color grading. Malik knew of a colorist who could make the changes he was looking for but he worked with Final Cut Studio – the original cut was in AVID. Malik was scheduled for an interview on a big network in the middle east (MBC if I remember correctly) in a few days and his video obviously needed to be ready before then.

I offered to try and recut the footage from scratch using an .mov export of the original cut as a reference. At around 8:00 p.m., about 5 minutes after he called me, I showed up at Malik’s house; he gave me the external 1 TB hard drive with all the RAW RED footage on it and I told him no promises because I’ve never worked with RED, but I’ll try. About 15 hours later I had a freshly cut FCP project ready to go.

Long story short, I had to play the reference .mov for a couple seconds, sift through the 100 or so raw takes for the correct original clip, scrub through the clip to find the correct 2 seconds of footage, drag that 2 seconds into the sequence, then do it all over again for every little cut. Sometimes it would take almost half an hour to find the correct clip so you can imagine how fun this was haha.

I’m surprised at how well my 17” macbook pro held up against 4k RAW footage (albeit I was editing the smaller proxy quicktimes). There was a little lag in playback, which is certainly frustrating when you’re trying to sync vocals up properly but that was because the external HD was connected through usb. I have no doubt that if I could have used firewire 800 or have had the footage on my local HD, there would have been almost no lag at all. Another surprise was that I figured out how to edit the footage in less than 30 min, the workflow was pleasantly straightforward (for me anyways).

So unfortunately it hasn’t been uploaded in HD yet but here’s the final product, enjoy.

Also, much thanks to Adam Lee for helping me figure out a solution to the problems that came up while editing.


Here I will be documenting my media/art related work including video commissions, photo commissions, etc. as well as the remaining six months I have to pass on the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired to the students in Mike Skocko’s [pronounced Skoch-Ko] Mac Lab at Valhalla High School.

What’s Happening Now:

  1. Applying to film schools (USC, UCLA, Chapman, LMU).
  2. Putting a DVD together of a local middle school band performance for parents (will be teaching high school students Final Cut for this project).
  3. Planning a special effects project (deciding between camera mapping, rotoscoping, etc) for high school students – should be fun.

What’s Just Happened:

  1. A music video I did with Adam Lee won its second award this past December after being accepted into its third festival.
  2. December 17th marked the completion of my first project with the high school students. I was commissioned by DGA to take photos of their product the Livespeakr (yes that’s spelled correctly). With DGA’s approval I took the job opportunity to give Skocko’s students a taste of the professional photo world. It took six students in all – four for taking pictures, and two for photoshopping them. Being there to teach every each step of the process was a bit hectic because it was finals week but regardless the company was thrilled with the results which, I should add, will be used to advertise their product on amazon. Here are some samples A, B, C, D.

High School Students From Mac Lab + 1 College Student = Professional Media Team

I have a little history with the guys at DGA. This past summer I did some product photos with a friend that ended up on their new package design for the Livespeakr (which has been submitted to this competition) and soon after I did a web commercial for them (which is now featured on their homepage for the Livespeakr as well as on Amazon).

I think this makes for a lengthy first post.

I will write more as it all unfolds.